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Our studio concept album is available as a digital download (including booklet) on Broadway Records and iTunes (US), and the double-disc CD version is available through Broadway Records or Amazon. And, thanks to Søren Møller and Fredericia Theater, we are thrilled that it is available as a Danish-import-only vinyl gatefold double-LP (in English) and in a Danish-language CD!!!! Get your hands on them here– now available at the Fredericia webshop!






I couldn’t be more blown away. From the straining and broken opening chords of the prologue to the gleefully riotous curtain music, [LIZZIE] will leave you grinning from ear to ear. This musical has all the right ammunition and attitude to make the modern rock sound feel perfectly at home in its 1892 setting.

– David Clarke,

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From the Press Release:


A double-disc set packed with murder, incest, love, betrayal, sexual manipulation, evidence tampering, bribery, and balls-to-the-wall rock and roll, LIZZIE is a female-fronted rock concept album which tells the bloody legend of America’s first and favorite axe-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl, Lizzie Borden. The creators of LIZZIE — Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, Tim Maner, and Alan Stevens Hewitt — re-imagine her story as a transformation from downtrodden spinster to rock and roll legend, in the process creating a genuine American myth.

Taking a cue from iconic concept albums like Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommy, the creative team has conceived LIZZIE as a stand-alone rock album that will be expanded into live concerts and theatrical events across the country. Though developmental productions of LIZZIE (formerly known as Lizzie Borden) have been presented to sold-out audiences and critical acclaim in New York, Seattle, and elsewhere, this studio album is the debut of a newly revised and orchestrated version never heard before.

albumreleaseL to R: Storm Large, Ryah Nixon, Carrie Manolakos and Carrie Cimma

LIZZIE features Carrie Manolakos and Storm Large as the infamous Borden sisters. Manolakos (Lizzie) is perhaps best known for her viral YouTube cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” taped live at La Poisson Rouge in New York, which has been viewed over 1 million times and was featured on The Daily Beast, the New Yorker, Huffington Post, and dubbed an “Eargasm” by Gawker.

Portland’s Storm Large, dubbed a “punk goddess” by Playboy, sings the role of Emma Borden. Large attracted national attention as a finalist on the CBS reality show “Rock Star: Supernova.” She tours with Pink Martini and with her own band, the Storm Large Band.

Carrie Cimma brings a Sid Vicious snarl to her Drama Desk-nominated performance as Bridget, the maid, and bombshell Seattleite Ryah Nixon (9 to 5: The Musical 1st Natl. Tour/Doralee Rhodes) rounds out the group as Alice Russell, Lizzie’s neighbor and love interest.

Band members include; Matt Webb/Piano & Keys (Resident Music Director for Great Lakes Theater/Idaho Shakespeare Festival), Alec Berlin/Guitar 1 (Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway), Ryan Mackstaller/Guitar 2 (Little Worlds, Easy Tells), Ward Williams/Cello (Jump, Little Children, Tam Lin, Brandi Carlile), Jeremy Chatzky/Bass (Ronnie Spector, Bruce Springsteen) and Matt Zebroski/Drums & Percussion (Alex Skolnick Trio).

albumrelease2L to R: Ryan Mackstaller, Jeremy Chatzky, Matt Zebroski, Matt Webb, Alec Berlin, Alan Stevens Hewitt, Jason Binnick, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo (not pictured Ward Williams

Alan Stevens Hewitt, who produces and also plays on the album, grew up playing classical music but spent his teens and twenties recording and touring with rock bands before pursuing conservatory training in composition. Maner and Cheslik-DeMeyer come from the downtown New York theater scene, where they collaborated on several music/theatre hybrids which combined rock, folk, and indie pop with American stories. The wide-ranging combined experience of the three gives LIZZIE a sound that owes less to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim than it does to Heart, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Grace Slick, Radiohead and the Runaways.

The album was engineered by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo (John Legend, Norah Jones, Cat Power, Mos Def, Carly Simon, Jon Bon Jovi, among many others) and mastered by Dave McNair who recently mastered David Bowie’s The Next Day.

LIZZIE is Executive Produced by The Broadway Consortium (Van Dean and Kenny Howard) and Brunish Trinchero LLC (Brisa Trinchero and Corey Brunish).

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LIZZIE: Music by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer and Alan Stevens Hewitt; Lyrics by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer and Tim Maner; Book by Tim Maner; Additional Music by Tim Maner; Additional Lyrics by Alan Stevens Hewitt; Based on an Original Concept by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer and Tim Maner; Orchestrations by Alan Stevens Hewitt.