LIZZIE on Lokalavisen

The Danish news site Lokalavisen has very supportive of LIZZIE’s European premiere at the Fredericia Teater. Below you’ll find some of the features they’ve published on the production. They’re all in Danish, but you can use Google or Bing translation to see the English version.

Bjorg Gamst as Lizzie Borden. In the performance’s first act she looks this way. The second act turns all four participating women into cool rock girls in patent leather. Photo: Søren Malmose

Review: Lizzie the Challenger

March 21 – Peter Friis Autzen reviews LIZZIE: “It is direct and uncompromising. The music is refined and riff-based, tight and heavy. The plot is dark and sarcastic…. It’s pedal to the metal. It’s fly or die.”

Lizzie: European Premiere in your face

March 21 – Reactions from the show’s creators Steven Cheslik-Demeyer, Tim Maner, and Alan Stevens Hewitt.

Szhirley: Insanely good energy

March 24 – Danish singer and actress Szhirley calls the production “really, really fat.”

Vicki Berlin: Great Lizzie

March 24 – Actor, radio host, and comedian Vicki Berlin says it’s “simply a great idea.”

Conductors with adrenaline rush

March 24 – Conductor Martin King said after the premiere, “Right now my hands are shaking, just a little bit of adrenaline rush.”

Sweaty, bloody and sexy: Catchy rock at the theater

The rock musical Lizzie has some of the best theatrical rock musicians on stage with singers Line Krogholm, Rikke Hvidbjerg, Bjorg Gamst and Astrid Højgaard.

Guitar guru playing in rock musical

March 18 – Steffen Schackinger, one of the world’s best guitarists, is featured in the LIZZIE band.

Lizzie: blood, bruises, burns and splints

March 12 – A feature on the six hard-working performers who play the four roles in LIZZIE

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