My Top 20 Songs of 2013

By David Clarke,

Best of 2013In 2013, I turned 28, which apparently is one of several years at the end of your 20s where basically your life hits the fan and sudden changes surround you. I looked around, and everyone else seemed so happy. Then, I breathed and realized that I have plenty to be happy about. In 2013 I became’s official theatre recording critic and have been exposed to some incredible albums since accepting that title. Some I have loved; others I have not. Regardless of my feelings towards the albums themselves, these are the top 20 songs from 2013 I simply cannot get out of my mind.

#7 (in order of a good “mixtape” CD)
“The Soul of the White Bird” – from LIZZIE, sung by Carrie Manolakos, Carrie Cimma, Storm Large & Ryah Nixon, and released by Broadway Records.

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