Blood, brains and a restored Aladdin trio


Fredericia Theatre will offer several shows at the same time

It has long been desired by Fredericia Theatre to present several ideas in parallel, so the local theater audiences have more to choose from, and visitors can be enticed to stay in the city to experience two performances in the course of a few days.

Now the plan will become reality, says theater director Søren Møller. “In February next year we present the first Scandinavian premiere of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein., with the European premiere of Story of My Life. And in March, we present also the European premiere of LIZZIE — a hard rock musical,” he says.

Putting more performances up together is another measure to ensure Fredericia’s status as the country’s new musical capital.

The first performance, Young Frankenstein, restores a trio that delighted audiences in Fredericia.

“Pelle Emil Hebsgaard, Johannes Nymark and Kristine Yde are in the show. They played, respectively, Genie, Aladdin and Jasmine in Aladdin. And the show is directed by Lynne Formato, who also directed Aladdin,” says Søren Møller.

Also, the hard-hitting musical, LIZZIE, will leave its mark on the audience – literally.

The notion is extremely bloody. Audience in the front rows will be equipped with rain cover, because they will be affected by the blood spatter and brain mass. Music is hard and extremely loud. Performance is also in English,” says the theater director.

“We already have the highest quality. Now we also have the widest range.”

Read more at Fredericia Lokalavisen (in Danish, with Google translation)

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