Yes, it’s true! Thanks to Søren Møller and Fredericia Theater, we are thrilled to announce that our Studio Album  is now available as a Danish-import-only vinyl gatefold double-LP!!!!

Get your hands on a copy — now available at the Fredericia webshop!

From the opening night of LIZZIE at Fredericia Teater, Denmark
100% Live – No overdubs – No sound post editing – straight from the mixing console
Sex, Axe & Rock’n'Roll!
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Henrik Lyding’s review in Danish national newspaper Jyllands-Posten calls LIZZIE hard-boiled and the singers formidable. This translation has been pulled together using Google and Bing; the original Danish article is here.

The mixture of rock concert and gothic horror musical works brilliantly in Fredericia. Photo: Søren Malmose

Energy-saturated rock music with four formidable female singers in hardboiled American musical – FIVE STARS

A ghoulish mixture of musical and rock concert is the story of America’s most famous axe murderer, from 1892, Lizzie Borden, who – I believe – beat her parents to death. Probably, because she was never convicted of it. The performance here is now not in doubt – Lizzie swings the axe cheerfully and blood spurts down to the crowd in the front rows, who for the occasion are wearing raincoats!

Here are both hatred and love pulled up in a big rock format, all saturated with a furious anger that just pours off the stage in song after song.

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Portland Center Stage has announced that an all-new production of LIZZIE will be the closing show of their 2013–2014 season. Here’s the announcement from Playbill:


“Lizzie: The Musical, penned by Steven Cheslik-deMeyer, Tim Maner and Alan Stevens Hewitt, will run May 24-June 29, 2014. The rock musical, about the life and trial of Victorian murderess Lizzie Borden, has been seen in several New York developmental engagements.”

Get tickets and more info at Portland Center Stage

By David Clarke, Houston Press

Four Amazing Female Vocalists + Rollicking (yet tuneful) Epic Rock Score + Intelligent (and sometimes tongue in cheek) Lyrics = PURE AWESOMENESS!


The start of it all

Imagine you’re a kid with big dreams. It’s a balmy Christmas in Crosby, Texas. You’re opening presents with your family and unwrap the 1978 Original Broadway Cast Recording of Evita. Your mother, who gifted it to you, beams with joy at your surprise. You wanted the film soundtrack, but this more than suffices. Eventually, the family conversation drifts to dreams, and you proudly assert that one day you’ll be a leading theater critic in New York City. Now, fast-forward to 2013. That goal hasn’t actualized, but you’re steps closer. You’re the official recordings critic for and a freelance writer for Houston Press, and just like that young 6th grader in Crosby, you’re still mesmerized by the best music Broadway has to offer. So, as we reflect on our life choices and the past 365 days, it’s with pleasure that I share my Top 10 picks for theater-related recordings from 2013.

#5 (in alphabetical order)
Cover art for Lizzie

Courtesy of Broadway Records.

Lizzie – This riveting rock musical had its first major production earlier this year at TUTS Underground, and if you’ve read anything I’ve written, you’ve probably realized just how much I adore this project. I practically geek out about this brilliant and unique musical treasure every chance I get. Math doesn’t get more simple than this: Four Amazing Female Vocalists + Rollicking (yet tuneful) Epic Rock Score + Intelligent (and sometimes tongue in cheek) Lyrics = PURE AWESOMENESS! The album can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon.

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